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New Site – Please go there! February 22, 2008

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All, we have a new site… it can be found here: http://tktnagrand.guildlaunch.com/  ..See you there! 


It really is time to move on February 19, 2008

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Hi Guys,

I thought I’d say thank you to everyone in the Knight’s for making my time here so enjoyable. The Knights restored my faith in Guilds with the fun attitude & genuine sense of friendship I have felt here.

Belaide has now reached the point where I need to raid in order to progress in the game. I had hoped to raid with this guild but it has become obvious to me that it is going to be some time before the Knights are ready for Kara.  Having run a PuG group in Kara last week I decided that PuGing Kara is not a viable option, so I took the decision to join a raiding guild. I have joined Pinnacle.

I am still in the game though, in fact my bank alt Belita is in the Knights so I can still visit and join in the Guild chat. I am hoping that I can still be there for the Knight’s when possible, so please feel free to ask me if you need a lockie in a group.

So you in game,


It’s time to move on… January 31, 2008

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All this talk about guild banks, feelings and raiding has finally taken it’s toll – it’s time to move!

Over the last couple of months I have noticed a significant increase in traffic on this site, and many a fine discussion has been had – but I’m afraid the technology is now letting us down. The whole blog engine thing is just not cutting it. Reading through the comments, and looking at our tacked on pages re: raids /advice etc. I think the main area that it is letting us down is that not all users can post new items or start a discussion thread.

Sooo a good first step will be to make use of many of the free guild hosting sites that offer discussion board facilities, then… if it becomes really popular and useful then I am happy to set-up and host a dedicated engine/site on my own domain to get rid of the crappy advertising. Here are a few sites we could use. Have a look at the demo sites, leave your comments, suggest your own etc. Otherwise I will make a strategic decision of my own and pick one! I am hoping to have one picked out in the next week, and set up the following week.





Thoughts guildies?



More than a feeling.. January 21, 2008

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Eld here, now Craig made the following comments as part of another thread – I thought it covered some important issue and should make the front page. Over to Craig: 

“It’s been raised with me that some in the guild are expressing an interest to duo Kara with non-guildies.Whatever you do in this game is fine as you pay for it – but if you save yourself to another Kara when it’s the commencement of the Guild runs then you’re going to miss it.So far I’ve been invited to join 2 other Raiding Guilds because I’ve healed their Officers through some heroics etc but my sole aim atm is to get the Knights a spot in the sun so I have no intention to either run other Kara’s or SSC’s etc with Wev outside of the Knights.I also appreciate that there are several in the Guild who have significantly more time to play available to them and that there is opportunities for them to take advantage of – go for it – but refer to Para 2.On another matter…..I think Len said it well the other night about the ‘feel’ of the guild being different – I think it is and I hold myself somewhat to blame, as I think I’ve focus’d to much on raiding of late, but missed what attracted me to the Knights in the first place – the community of the Knights.Perhaps it’s time to reflect on what we want out of this guild, as a guild, to drive forward. Lastly – Officers, One final observation – we have to initiate some process in promoting to Officer level – at a minimum it is important that all Guild Officers be consulted before someone is raised to officer level – this willy nilly process will fragment the Guild faster than a virgin in a brothel.

and then I’ve copied Cat’s comments…:

“I can’t comment on the temptation to raid with other guilds as I have no intention (nor the available time) to flirt with a raiding guild.“WoW is a social game involving real people who have mood swings, form cliques, take offence and jump to conclusions, just as in real life. I’m not surprised that the guild “feel” oscillates, but I feel that the core of the guild is as solid as ever. If there’s any bubbling discontent, get it out in the open and deal with it people!One observation: “Perhaps it’s time to reflect on what we want out of this guild, as a guild, to drive forward.” – perhaps some feel that the guild is what they want now, and don’t want to “drive forward”? Maybe the pressure (real or imagined) to progress is causing some people some stress?Agree with the officer process, with the caveat that not “all” officers need be consulted as I’ve not seen many of them around for awhile! Maybe “all regularly playing officers”? And although I don’t really get a say, I’d recommend Len for consideration!” 

So over to the rest of you.


Free Epics! – A Beginner’s Guide to BGs January 15, 2008

Posted by guildtemplar in PvP.

As some members have been showing an increased interest in Battle Grounds (BG) based PvP (even if it just to get some gear for Kara), I thought I might write up a short beginners guide, with links to some more comprehensive guides for each BG.

PvP is a very different beast to PvE. The tricks you learn while questing rarely work (the concept of Aggro is not quite as effective on real people :)), the pace is frantic, and abuse plentiful. However, there is much adrenaline filled fun to be had, and some great gear to collect (I’m talking guaranteed Epics people!). Here is a list of basic things to consider:

  • Honor in gained by killing opponents, however the most amount of honor (bonus honor) is made by carrying out BG objectives and winning the battle – so focus on the objectives and more honor will be yours.
  • Don’t be afraid to die! You will die often, get used to it. Make friends with the Spirit Healer!
  • Always fight in groups. No matter how good you are, taking on 3 horde by yourself will always end in tears.
  • Communication is key (as per the norm), let everyone know what is happening early and often e.g. 3 INC GM (see below) If we do some grouping, we will use voice, but most of the time you are typing – there are a few mods to help this that I will dig up links for.
  • If no one offers a plan in the first 30secs, ask for one. A simple > plan? question in chat can do wonders. Later on, you may even want to provide the plan
  • Did I mention you will die often?

Build / Stats / Gear
At you start I recommend sticking with what you current have. Certainly in BG PvP player skill is far more important than gear or build! As you play you will start to learn what works, your class strengths etc. and you may then want to consider different gear & talents. However, sort out your own approach first. Baby steps. In the excitement you need to be able to rely on instinct and quick reactions – changing builds before your first BG is likely to result in extreme frustration.

Stats wise, your classes preferred stats still apply in BG, however there is usually a bigger focus on Stam, Burst Damage (e.g. Crit), and Resilience, but again no need to change just yet – the basics will still work.

Bottom line – don’t worry about that stuff just yet!

Warsong Gulch (WSG)
WSG is a 10v10 capture the flag BG. Full details here. The bottom line – control the Midfield!

Arathi Basin (AB)
A 15 v 15 capture and hold BG. Full Details Here. The bottom line – defend, fight at the flags, call incs early, defend!

Alterac Valley (AV)
A 40v40 PVE objectives based BG – pretending to be PvP (although that has changed in recent times). The full details here. The bottom line – rushing Drek is not the only or even best way to win. Be prepared to listen to plenty of QQ. However, it is here that you get the feeling you are fighting a war – a 35v35 turtle can really get the blood flowing!

Eye of the Storm (EoS)
A 15v15 combination of AB and WSG. Full Details Here. The bottom line – Holding objectives is far more important than capping the flag.

Each battle group has it’s own list of uber abbreviations, for example in Aranthi, GM refers to the Gold Mine, LM lumber mill etc. It won’t be long before you get used to them! INC is short for incoming, so 3 INC GM means that 3 horde are incoming to the gold mine, get ready!


LFM – 2v2 – Arena Team January 7, 2008

Posted by guildtemplar in PvP.

I’m looking for 2-3 people to join my 2V2 Arena team. I am not trying to create the perfect team with the perfect class combo/spec etc, am just looking to build some Guild experience in the Arena and have a bit of fun. So whatever your Class or PvP experience, please feel free to give it a go. Like in the BGs, there is some great gear to be had. I have picked 2v2 specifically to minimise the time commitment of members, as I understand that gearing up and raiding is very time expensive (I also know that there is far more guild interest in raiding than PvP at the moment). Around 12, 1 to 3 minute fights each week is all that will be required, less with a couple of subs.

More information about the Arena can be found here.

Let me know in game if you are interested and I’ll nab your signature – I have a pre-purchased team charter in my pocket ready to go! 


Karazhan January 7, 2008

Posted by guildtemplar in Events.

We’re getting a few peeps attuned now to Kara which is great.

Now the hard part – learning the instance.

Kara is a quantum step up from 5 mans and most of the heroic’s – you have time limits on events – specific strats that needs to be used to down the boss.

Kara is all about teamwork and knowing your class and reacting fast – for the tanks you need to become familiar with stance dancing (Intercepting mobs off the healers is a must).

So I’m going to be a Nazi – I will require the following before we even look at going in to Kara as wiping time and time again is more demotivating and it would be good to see the Knights shine.

Warrior (MT and OT) – Must have  491 def and be 41 pts Prot (13-14k buffed health would be good);

Priest (Holy) – Vacant

Priest (Shadow) – Must have the other tree specc’d holy (41 Shad/20 Holy) to be viable as a reserve healer.

Palli (Holy) – at a minimum needs to have +800 heal

Pally (Prot) – 491 def and 12k buffed Health

Pally (Ret) DPS Slot – 1000AP without SotC active.

Rogue – JoT builds need to go – I need DPS rogues with the ability to interupt – discuss with Rotann good raiding Rogue builds

Mage – Frost/Fire/Arcane is fine – at least +500 damage

Lock – I need 1 demon spec and 1 affliction spec (+500 dam min)

Druid – Needs to be 41 pts Resto with at least +500 heal

Hunters – I don’t need Beast Spec – I need Hunter DPS builds

The above is cursory – the reason I’ve specified the minimums is that in Kara the fights in most cases are times – so if you do not kill a boss withing a certain timeframe the boss will enrage and wipe the raid or the mobs will respawn and wipe the raid.

Kara is in a nutshell a DPS/survival race – kill/move kill/move in the minimum time possible.

Lastly – all the +heal damage numbers I’ve specified above are available to be obtained from 5 mans/professions and the AH.

I want you folks to be under no illusions about Kara – forget 5 mans Kara is tough!

I will post the Boss strategies as we get closer to entering the instance.

Any questions – post away 🙂


Site changes.. January 5, 2008

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I have updated a couple of things on the site to account for it’s increased use. However, we could consider moving to a more traditional forum based engine rather than the wordpress one – thoughts?:

 – Have changes the Coming Events page to be comments based. Any member can add a coming event just by adding a comment. Please keep the comments to details of the event, not discussion about the event.

 – A questions / critique / advice page has been added to allow members to post talent builds, questions etc that don’t related directly to posts. This is the sort of thing that a forum engine would support well.



Lon’s Merry Christmas ! December 20, 2007

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Now this is Christmas !

Well, amongst all the questing for the year, it’s now time to relax. Having fought, drank, fought, drank (curse Mirren and his hat) all the way to level 70 it’s now time to relax. Forget photos with dragons. Forget those raids. Forget even sitting with Santa’s Goblins next to the wagon near the Auction House. THIS is a photo for your mantle over the fireplace.

For some reason, I just couldn’t get the grin off Lon’s face…that room in the tavern in the Dwarven District of Stormwind has never rocked as much as the last few nights with these lovely two commoners I met in Stormwind just looking for a good time !!! Oh. So much gold to spend !!! Forget the epic weapons and other stuff. An epic time was had by all !!!

Yet Another Dragon Picture December 13, 2007

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